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Income Tax Preparation and Planning

We provide tax preparation services for businesses and individuals. The types of returns we prepare include:

1040          Individual Income Tax Return
1040NR       Non-Resident Individual Income Tax Return
1120          Corporate Income Tax Return
1120S         Subchapter S Corporate Income Tax Return
1065          Partnership Income Tax Return
5500          Benefit Plan Tax Return
990           Exempt Organization Tax Return
709           Gift Tax Return
706           Estate Tax Return

In addition to preparing these federal returns, we also prepare any state income tax returns that may be required including the Texas State franchise tax return. We also prepare income tax returns for U.S. citizens working in a foreign country who qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion.

A large part of our tax preparation service is tax minimization planning. We like to meet with our clients to learn about their personal or business situation and then be able to provide the best advice for minimizing their taxes and operating their business. Ever changing tax laws often require issues to be researched for optimal application of tax provisions available.