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Moses Rodriguez

Direct Line: (210) 576-7004

I graduated from the University of Texas at Brownsville in the summer of 2010. My continuing education awarded me a bachelor's in Accounting and General Business. I selected General Business as my second major because it allowed me to take Finance and Entrepreneurship classes. The Entrepreneurship course was the only set of classes that entertained me outside of Accounting and Finance - it still does today.

I have two work interests in my life - Accounting and Business. Both career paths are interesting, exciting, and offer continued entertainment. As an Accountant, however, I would enjoy the "number crunching" and newer ways to detect fraud aspects more. Addition and subtraction will keep me entertained for countless hours; and with fraud possibilities, it would cause me to be more attentive. The most important goal in my life today is to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing in different sporting activities, and cheering on my favorite professional teams. I play basketball, indoor and outdoor volleyball, softball, kickball, and golf. Since it is football season, I am cheering on the Dallas Cowboys. I try to catch every game to show my support, and I also listen in to radio broadcasts on the Dallas Cowboys website to keep myself updated with Cowboys news. The Spurs, Rangers, Astros, and any other Texas team in any other sport follow.